About Me

Hello! I am an award-Winning freelance Visual Storyteller, specialising in stories about the Environment, Development, Human Rights and Culture. I have worked with a range of clients, including Vietnam’s National Administration of Tourism, Al Jazeera, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), National Geographic, the Guardian, SBS News, etc, and with illustration clients all over the world from children’s book authors to magazines and media companies.

I was born in the UK, raised in Sydney, and have spent the past 7 years meandering around South and Southeast Asia, writing and creating visual content. I tend to make it up as I go along really and my boyfriend of 6 and a half years has made it up with me – luckily we both have itchy feet! He’s a Vietnamese local (vì vậy mình nói tiếng Việt được), a chef which, as you can imagine, is a huge bonus, and he loves all things wine tasting (another win).

I am particularly interested in using my writing/photography/illustration skills to tell the kind of story that hasn’t been told before, be it a serious human rights piece or just a phenomenon/piece of culture that people don’t know about. It’s a goal of mine in every story to bring people together, no matter the topic, because when we come together we make things happen. I think that we all have stories, and I like to focus on stepping back in my work and letting my interviewees tell their’s.

As an artist/designer, I am fascinated by the pursuit of innovation. I love trying new ways to draw and design, new software, new techniques and new concepts, new design trends and new illustrative ideas.

You can usually find me in a cafe, laptop out and glasses on, in my studio with music blaring and Adobe in full swing or somewhere exciting with my camera and a voice recorder.

I am always looking to explore new collaborations and freelance work opportunities and I would absolutely love to hear from you. Please contact me here for my cv, to chat to my references, with any questions/thoughts or just to say hi.

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