Graphic Design Portfolio

Graphic Design Portfolio

Saigon Outcast Social Media Banners


These were all created using a mixture of supplied assets and my own photographs, typography and illustrations. I built them with Lightroom, Illustrator and Photoshop, and using hand-drawn sketches. Some banners required me to get creative with the assets I was given and others were totally free. All illustrations and hand-drawn typography are my own.
For Print


These are three documents that I built for print using InDesign. On the left is a menu for Soma Art Cafe in Saigon. I was given the content and the brand guidelines and was told to let loose and enjoy myself. The illustrations were manipulated from sketches I found online and played with in Photoshop.


At the top on the right is a booklet I built for my writing students as a tool for teaching them how to pitch stories. The idea was that the booklet would contain the basics and we would use it as a starting point from which to delve into the details.


Beneath the booklet is brochure I made for #DorkDancing, an initiative I have joined that promotes mental wellness through freestyle dancing.
Keyvisual Style Infographic


I played with an alternative option for an image sent to me by Matthieu. My version is on the left, Shuttlerock’s version is on the right.
Other Design Projects


Here is a range of other examples of projects I have been involved in – logos, magazine covers, cartography, etc.
It is also worth noting that I designed my own logo and I built this website.
A map I drew to accompany a National Geographic story that is currently with their editor
A brochure for a beautiful hotel I stayed at in Nepal. I did a spot of freelance design work for the owners to supplement the room rate
A crest and logo I was asked to develop for Barker College in Sydney, Australia
A design I illustrated and arranged for the cover of Word Magazine
A map commissioned by the owners of a wonderful hotel I stayed at in Nepal