About Me

Hi and welcome. I am an award-winning journalist and visual storyteller freelancing for a variety of international publications. Bylines in Al Jazeera, the Guardian, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), SBS, the Independent, Mongabay, etc.

I work in a range of mediums, primarily written journalism, photography and illustration.

Much of my work focuses on Australia and parts of Asia, as I have spent the past 7 years based in across both regions, reporting on human rights, development and the environment.

My stories have real-life impacts, one example being my recent reporting on a refugee held in Australian immigration detention that saw him freed in November. They also tend to have a very wide reach, with my most-read feature article reaching over 750,000 readers.

As a freelancer, I have a broad network of contacts and am constantly maintaining my knowledge of the key areas I cover, finding original stories that connect with the audiences of the publications I write for.

I have now moved my base back to Sydney, where I am focussing on stories from around Australia. You can usually find me in a cafe, laptop out and glasses on, in my studio with music blaring and Adobe in full swing or somewhere exciting with my camera and a voice recorder.

I am always looking for new collaborations and freelance work opportunities and I would absolutely love to hear from you. Please contact me here for my CV and references, with any questions, or just to say hi.

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