Award-Winning Visual Storyteller



I am a visual storyteller – an artist and photographer – based in Asia. I create: commissioned art, magazine illustrations, children’s book illustrations, art prints and photo essays.

Please check out my portfolio below and contact me if you would like to work with me.



I tell stories through my illustrations, which I produce for a wide range of purposes. These include private commissions, limited-edition prints, for publication on media sites, and for publication in children’s books in collaboration with authors from around the world.



I produce stunning images for a range of purposes and clients, all with just one camera – my  Nikon Z6II. Portraiture, storytelling and photo essays, commercial photography, street photography, stock photography, etc. Please click the linked images below for my portfolio.



I illustrate children’s books alongside my mum, Tess Osborne. We work with Austin Macauley Publishers and Little Steps Publishing. Please feel free to visit our website for more about our work together.

The Big Wall Feeling

The Big Wall Feeling is a story about two families in neighbouring houses who are divided by a hedge between their homes, and what that hedge represents. On one side of the hedge, Mum, Dad and Jacob live together with their cat, Marley, somewhere in Australia. When new neighbours move in next door, although they have the identical family set up (but no cat), their perceived differences passively prevent there being any contact between the families. Only Marley doesn’t notice this “big wall feeling” and moves happily between the families, until the night of the big storm…

Just Like Me

A little girl meets a new friend and notices all the similarities they share. Just Like Me was inspired by a memory Tess has of Zoe coming home from kindergarten, telling Tess about her new friend who was “Just like me!”. This little girl was in fact, on the surface, not “just like” Zoe at all and yet, where it mattered, they were exactly the same. As adults, we find it easy to fixate on the differences between one another rather than notice and treasure that which brings us together. Through rich, colourful illustrations and powerful words, this story brings to life the concept of human connection.



Hi, I’m Zoe, the artist behind this website. I’m an Australian freelancer who has been lucky enough to travel for most of her life, and is now wandering around South and Southeast Asia.

My work has apeared in some of the world’s most trusted media platforms, from Al Jazeera and the BBC, to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Guardian and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

I have spent the past decade finding stories and telling them through digital art, photography and words, and I’m now focussing on the visual side of things – illustration and photography.

I am always looking for new opportunities and projects, and I would love to hear from you.


Find me on Instagram or email me: zoeosborne@protonmail.com

Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp: +61 435 459 546